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tsavo school project
tsavo school project
tsavo school project
tsavo school project

Taita School- Bright Star Academy

7 years ago while Driving on the Tsavo – Kilimanjaro Highway , we couldn’t help noticing some children sitting under a tree with an adult standing and writing stuff on a board attached to the tree. We then decided to stop and see what was actually going on.

To our surprise it was actually a school for the needy village kids who couldn’t afford to go to a proper school. Brigit, the teacher was only a volunteer at the time and it was her project to keep the kids educated. She was from the same village and had just finished her teaching diploma.

We then took it upon us to help Brigit and the kids to better facilities and soon after that we were already at work. Today,with a total of 65 kids aged from 5-9yrs, Bright Star Academy has 3 classrooms, a clean toilet, a small kitchen, 2 other teachers and a little playground.

All this development has been generated by a percentage from our profit as a company. We also accept donations in terms of building materials, school stationery and or food.

You do not have to book a safari with us to be able to visit the the school, just CONTACT US and we will be happy to escort you there.


Visiting the school is possible on a week day

orphanage project
orphanage project

Orphanage- Born Again Children's Home Diani

Our very own orphanage, Governed by God and led by Pastor Mwarigha. From small children to now adults this home has sheltered over 90 boys and girls ,some of who are already having jobs and can stand on their feet.

At the moment we are having 53 orphans from ages 3 – 22 yrs. All in primary schools, secondary schools and some in University . The biggest challenges we had was Malaria, and therefore we re-did all the window nettings and got a new mosquito net for each orphan.

These developments were offered by volunteers who visited the facility. Other difficulties we undergo is the school fees for the children as well as food. Well-wishers can contribute in terms of food, used clothing, building material or school fees (ask for students acc. Numbers) Visits can be arranged from your Hotel in Diani Beach any day of the week.

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